Investment Strategy

Yankee Hill is focused on small-to-mid market companies with growth potential.

  • Target inefficient, less populated part of private equity market with transaction sizes between $5mm and $50mm and EBITDA levels between $1mm and $5mm
  • Sector focus approach – Yankee Hill Capital targets consumer and services sectors
  • Growth Oriented Buyouts / Control transactions either partnering with or replacing management
  • Investment Attributes
    • Acquire durable businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and help grow the business organically and through acquisition
    • Cash positive, well-established businesses (minimum of five years operating history)
    • Large addressable markets ($1bn+ in market size)
    • Business models that are scalable and convert substantial amount of EBITDA into free cash flow
  • Value Proposition
    • Bring private equity sophistication and execution to lower end of market creating liquidity for smaller business owners
    • Seasoned, hands-on team with significant operating, financial and strategic experience
    • Significant industry knowledge and contacts
    • Family-oriented partner which eases transition process for sellers
    • Long term investment horizon without need to exit transactions based on external factors